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Lean Solutions!

Straight from the automotive industry, Gamma offers your company a new future with Gamma Lean Solutions!

We have welcomed a new senior manager from the automotive industry, who has been tasked with transforming our company.

Want to involve your company in a similar project?

Here are some of the key points from our management consulting program:

5s is the central pillar of all changes within the company. Implementing the 5s allows companies to start considering other concepts too.

OEE Concept: increasing overall equipment and product effectiveness.

Lean manufacturing is a 7-step process.

    1. Definition of client value
    2. Definition of value flow
    3. Optimise the value flow: this means having short delivery times and plenty of stock
    4. Start from the client
    5. Strive for excellence
    6. Reduce costs without compromising quality
    7. Eliminate waste
Lean production examines the business process from the client’s perspective. What do internal and external clients want from the process. With this in mind, we can identify and classify 7 types of waste that do not add value to the company.
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